Filing Procedure Family Action for Clark County, Nevada

This includes Divorce, Termination of Parental Rights, Adoption, or Name Change. Some Actions will include additional filings depending on the type of action.

This is the most basic example that can happen, a Joint Petition for Divorce with No Property and No Children.

If you Do-It-Yourself:

1. Go to Family Court with your Petition and wait. They will assign a number to have you wait in line to electronically file (e-file) your Petition. Once your number is called you will go to an electronic file room and use a scanner to scan your file into their system for you to file your Petition. If you have an email address they will email a filed copy with your case number in about 2 to 5 days. If you do not have an email account, you will call daily to see if it is filed so you can get your case number. Now go home and wait until you receive your case number.

2. Once you get your case number assigned, go back to Family Court and e-file additional supporting documents such as an Affidavit of Resident Witness and Request for Summary Disposition. You will get a number and wait to e-file the supporting documentation. Also you have to hand file SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO THE DIVISION OF WELFARE AND SUPPORTIVE SERVICES OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES with the Family Court. Make sure you make two additional copies before you go. Then you will go home and wait until you receive the filed Request for Summary Disposition to file Decree of Divorce in your case.

3. Once you receive your filed Request for Summary Disposition, go back to Family Court with it and the Decree of Divorce and drop it off in the judges box for his/her signature and go home and wait. This will take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks. Be sure to call every so often to see if it is signed.

4. Once signed the court may mail you the signed Decree of Divorce or keep it at the court for pick up. Regardless of how you get the signed Decree of Divorce you have to go back to Family Court and get a number and wait to e-file the Decree of Divorce, your case will not close until the Decree of Divorce is filed. The Judge’s signature is not the last step, a filed Decree of Divorce with a Judge’s signature will make it official. The Family Court will not close your case until it receives a signed Decree of Divorce by the judge. Once you e-file the signed Decree of Divorce, you will go home and wait until that is filed.

If you hire Nevada Legal Forms & Services:

We will go to the Family Court, Wait, File and Track your case. All you have to do is go home and relax until we call you and say it is COMPLETED.