Notice of Lien (Mechanic’s Lien)



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Under Nevada law, any person who provides work, material or equipment with a value of $500.00 of more which is used in the construction, alteration, or repair of any improvement, property or work of improvement is entitled to a mechanic’s lien.

Nevada law sets forth specifically that the following individuals are entitled to mechanic’s liens:

• Artisans
• Builders
• Contractors
• Laborers
• Lessors or renters of equipment
• Materialmen
• Miners
• Subcontractors
• Anyone who provides work, material or equipment
• Architects
• Engineers
• Land Surveyors
• Geologists

An unlicensed contractor cannot use the Mechanic’s Lien process in Nevada.

Kit includes:
• 15-Day Notice of Intent to Lien
• Notice of Right to Lien (Nevada Preliminary Notice)
• Notice to Lien
• Release of Notice to Lien