Last Will & Testament (Married with Adult Children)



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A will is vital to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. A will is a legal document used to distribute personal property, real property, money, and particular items to the intended beneficiaries. A will helps you protect items of family or sentimental value from being sold in the estate administration process. It allows you to name an executor who will administer your estate and see that all the provisions and stipulations of your last wishes are carried out in an orderly fashion.  Without a will, a deceased’s property will be distributed according to the state’s intestacy statute, which vary by state, or may escheat (be forfeited to) the state. This may take longer and cost more than if there is a will, and can also mean that your possessions and belongings may not be distributed as you would have wished. Your estate might wind up being administered by a total stranger appointed by the court. A will is the only way to ensure that your loved ones and favorite charities aren’t deprived of your generosity.